Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This was very sad news.

Fifteen Canterbury TV (CTV) staff are believed to have died when their central Christchurch building collapsed after yesterday's magnitude 6.3 quake, CTV chairman Nick Smith says.

Police were "100 per cent sure" there were no survivors in the earthquake-damaged CTV building, today calling off the search for bodies there, shifting their efforts to sites where it was believed people were trapped alive.

More than 80 people were believed to be in still in the building, which housed the regional television station, a nursing school and a language school.

CTV chairman Nick Smith told NZPA the television channel had 24-25 fulltime staff.

"We're working on the assumption that everyone we haven't managed to contact was in the building, and that would number probably 15," he said.

"We haven't had anything confirmed, we haven't been given any names, we're just going off our own tally."

Mr Smith, business manager and director of Allied Press of Dunedin, which owns the Otago Daily Times, said he had travelled to Christchurch today to support staff.

"We're just having a staff get-together with those who have survived. That's the most important thing at the moment," he said.

"(They've) lost a lot of friends, a lot of colleagues, a lot of talent and a lot of life-long relationships...

"They're not happy. It's very sorrowful."

Many of the staff there were in the building when the quake struck and broke down when they told him what had happened. What staff had described to him was "like out of a horror movie", Mr Smith said.

"It's just too horrific to think that they got out and...people who were a few yards behind didn't. They didn't know which way to run."

Mr Smith's brother, Allied Press of Dunedin chairman and managing director Julian Smith, said the building had withstood the first quake well.

"So it seems strange that this whole building should fall down like that," he told NZPA.

"Our sympathy goes out to all staff - everybody in Christchurch, for that matter but particularly for the staff of CTV and their families."

Monday, February 21, 2011

Der Spiegel has an interesting piece on the war in Afghanistan, by Jurgen Todenhofer. Recommended.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Richard Atkinson and Jamie Larcombe

The following note is for both Richard and Jamie.

for Danielle Kitchen
and for Ross and Kate Atkinson,
and James Atkinson and
all of Tasmania.

for Rhiannon Penhall,
and for
Steven and Tricia Larcombe and
Ann-Marie, Emily and April Larcombe and
all of Kangaroo Island.

the heart wells over, and there is sadness and sorrow and the most heartfelt of sympathy.

i'm sad your son and brother died alone, in those heart scraped, rugged, fresh blooded mountains, and that never again will he bless your presence with his easy laugh and his infectious potential for kindness. i wish with all my heart that this had never happened to you, and that your Jamie had had a different kind of destiny, and that he had not been swallowed whole into this vast and unremitting shadow. as you cry today, know that people who have never met you have comprehended your sacrifice, and have given themselves, body and soul, so that this moment in time should never take place.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Reader,

I must say that it is heartening to hear that the Canadian government is actually labeling artificial colours individually in its new guidelines. Now the government must go one step further and eliminate artificial colours altogether, as has been done with a number of the colours in the UK. The latest step on behalf of the government has at least, brought Canada in line with the United Kingdom- but surely the bellwether ought to be Europe, which has eliminated the Southhampton Six colours about two years ago. In Australia, the lobby group Fed Up With Food Additives has been pushing for similar changes to Australian law. Grassroots, populist initiatives to protect and inform the public seem to be crying for inception, and would be a welcome relief to celebrity gossip- indeed, celebrities could more meaningfully become the story by throwing their welcome weight behind such initiatives.

If you are interested in labeling GMOs in the United States, please be aware that you can inhabit support behind the Fresh (the movie) team's tireless lobbying on this topic, and that there is also a non-governmental group known as the Campaign, which is behind this project also. It is a story that has the potential to capture the public's imagination in a widespread way, and just think of how much better off your children and their friends will be if it succeeds! It is for them that one hopes individuals will strive for a more wholesome reality.

Sincerely yours,


I read a book once where this was the Free World- and people said the writers were paranoid. If you're worried- go back and read Alvin Toffler's Future Shock.

More than 140 Prince George taxi drivers have been grilled by the RCMP as part of a murder investigation.

Most have also given blood samples.

P.G. Taxi Manager, Sam Kuuluvainen, said he was contacted several months ago by police officers investigating the killings of Cynthia Maas and Jill Sturchenko.

One woman's body was discovered in a Prince George park, the other in a gravel pit.

Kuuluvainen told CBC News he complied with an RCMP request to hand over the names and phone numbers of all his cab drivers.

"They told me they just wanted to question some of the drivers, see if they knew anything. They ended up calling up every single driver, not only questioning them, but asking them for a DNA sample. I got the idea it wasn't so much questioning as trying to eliminate suspects," he said.

Kuuluvainen said all but two complied.

"If they didn't immediately give them one [an interview], they were told they'd remain a suspect and a person of interest. A number of our drivers were upset that they were singling out our industry," he said.

Kuuluvainen believes all the drivers have been cleared.

The RCMP hasn't responded to an interview request from CBC News.

This was not the first time homicide investigators have questioned northern B.C. cabbies.

Several years ago, after the body of 14-year-old Aielah Saric Auger was found dumped along Highway 16, police seized taxi logbooks and interrogated six drivers.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2011/02/15/bc-pg-cabbies.html#socialcomments#ixzz1E4EisoUB

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Benediction of Sorrow

dew jewels the edge
of a mist morning

wheel about
in the gentle dawn
the sand rises

where is

in the distance
the far distance
the hawkers display
little bells
articles of faith

oh aafia!
the power wild
flowed within
a spirit child


gamblefox gamblepuss
give me the keys
so you'll have a story

the great halls of green
and bright halls of blue
laugh watch and sigh
as i give my life for you

type it and stripe it
and enter it in
use the netwerks
and surely you'll win

internet hinternet
flashing and crashing
with privacy dead

Story of the Day

According to an article published by Granma newspaper on Saturday, two agents involved in the death of Afghan prisoner Gul Rahman in November 2002 were promoted to important posts within the CIA in the Middle East.

Likewise, others who were reprimanded for their participation in the simulation of executions in a secret Polish prison and in the death of an Iraqi prisoner have been readmitted as private contactors.

The radio and television community network Democracy Now affirmed that others involved in similar actions received small sentences or were not punished at all.

In one of the most shocking cases, an analyst who contributed to the kidnapping of German citizen Khaled el-Masri was promoted to a high-ranking post in the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Project Medical

doublecyclic acid
ichor of arachnid
injectible thoracic
people people see
the mice are turnin' green
white medicojuice
don't let that pig get loose
runnin' runnin' falling
electrode must be stalling
people people see
a ruptured monkey spleen
joe and aron wait
signs at the gate
that say this lab's obscene
why are they so mean?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

At the Greek

In the Greek tonight
The torturers come
And pay their money
One by one

In the Greek tonight
Their wives sob out loud
For great screen love
That is not allowed

Over the Greek tonight
God surrounds
Remembers deaths of babes
And their sound.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I swear I thought this band was lost to history. Its vinyl, and its unique.

The Bees of Paul Revere

Can you believe how much I love God right now? And the bees!

freedom bees livin in honey trees
snow sugarin' down and all around
fly a kite in afghanistan for peace
bright cord blood on sacred ground

yeah, yellow bees in honey trees
so good to be free

drink the syrup taste the gold
blessed be god for a new found soul
yellow bees with honey please
brother, sho' good to be free

yeah, yeah, yeah
my baby bruddah
its sure good to be free.

R.E.M. – Mine Smell Like Honey Lyrics

I would dare you, but I know I don’t need to
You’re going to do just what you want to
You’re going to take the leavings here at the fairground
You’re going to sing the praises of your fruit

Mine smell like honey, uh!
Mine smell like honey, uh!
Mine smell like hu, hu, hu, hu, honey, uh!

Dig a hole, dig it deeper, deeper!
Climb a mountain, climb it steeper, steeper!
Dig a hole, dig it deeper, deeper!
Track a trail of honey through it all

If the end comes faster than we had expected
And predictions lead us to the final fall
If the flowers crack the grave (grain?) and leave the patterns of the pavement
I can hear you shouting over it all

Mine smell like honey, uh!
Mine smell like honey, uh!
Mine smell like hu, hu, hu, hu, honey, uh!

Dig a hole, dig it deeper, deeper!
Climb a mountain, climb it steeper, steeper!
Dig a hole, dig it deeper, deeper!
Track a trail of honey through it all

Dig a hole, dig it deeper, deeper!
Climb a mountain, climb it steeper, steeper!
Dig a hole, dig it deeper, deeper!
Track a trail of honey through it all

You track a trail of honey through it all
You track a trail of honey

R.E.M. – Mine Smell Like Honey Lyrics